Gratitude in a time of change

I've completed my first week of pharmacy residency (PGY1 in ambulatory care), and had my first two days of shadowing/starting to see clinic. For those of you not in the healthcare realm, ambulatory care pharmacists can see a variety of cases, ranging from medication management to warfarin clinic to diabetes management, etc! There is a... Continue Reading →


Cross-Country Road Trip (Part 2 – Saguaro NP)

Last stop before San Diego! We stayed the night in Tucson, Arizona, and headed to Saguaro National Park in the morning before it got too hot. It is oppressively hot here... 100 degrees Fahrenheit almost every day! I've been to Saguaro NP before with my parents and sister many years ago. I was very excited... Continue Reading →

Pittsburgh with Hannah!

I am WOEFULLY behind on blogging (like half a year behind), but I thought I would start again because I have a long road trip coming up! I'm writing this right now in June, but this Pittsburgh trip was in December to see my amazing friend and pharmacy school classmate Hannah. I also went to... Continue Reading →

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